Obrero Católico de Oakland

In the United States, we are fortunate enough to not experience extreme violence perpetrated on us by our own government. This is not the case for many Central American migrants. For this reason and many others, they flee north for safety. We offer recently arrived migrants transitional housing for four months and help them get on their feet.

In cooperation with the Alameda County Community Food Bank and local volunteers (most of whom are migrants), we distribute groceries to between 200-300 families each week. We also run a weekly hot meals program which feeds between 250-300 of our neighbors each month.


We partner with local organizations such as Catholic Charities East Bay to advocate for migrants and refugees, the Alameda County Community Food Bank to advocate for food security, and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland and Bishop Michael Barber to advocate and teach the churches preferential option for the poor. We work with many other local organizations. 



For information about these and additional services we provide, see What We Do.

Oakland Catholic Worker