Obrero Católico de Oakland

Oakland Catholic Worker

The Oakland Catholic Worker is a House of Hospitality offering transitional housing (up to 4 months) to Latin American Immigrants.  In the tradition of the Catholic Worker movement, we base our ministry of service on the practice of solidarity with the poor and disenfranchised. ​

In early 1987 Bob Lassalle-Klein, Francisco Herrera, Ines Betancourt, Barbara Graves, Beti Cantón, Terry Mahin, and Chris & Suzy Nauman started the current incarnation of Oakland Catholic Worker as part of the Sanctuary Movement. Their mission was to provide hospitality to refugees and migrants fleeing from U.S. sponsored wars in Central America. The project built on the East Oakland foundations established by the second OCW founded by Anne Bucher, Duncan MacMurdy and Mike Affleck in 1981 and officially closed in early 1986 (the first OCW began around 1951 led by a group including Dominican Brother Antoninus (William Everson)). 

Over the years we have served as a home where hundreds of Latin American immigrants begin stable and productive lives in this country. We continue to serve as a community center for the Latin American immigrant and refugee community as they establish themselves in our East Oakland neighborhood and strive to stay healthy and organized. We offer food, temporary shelter, and other services to some of the neediest among us. In solidarity with those we serve, we struggle to change the unjust structures of our society through social activism.

Welcome to our home!