Average monthly number of hot meals served to the community 

"I want to get my documents in order to get a better paying job. My hope for the kids is that they continue studying and be what I could not be in life. For example, to be a doctor or a lawyer. I could not do these things for lack of resources. The Oakland Catholic Worker has been a place where I have received a lot of help." 

Engineering drafting ($3,000)

Demolition of building front 

Structural remediation, foundation, shear walls, and building front ($13,000)

Installation of 3 exterior fire doors (materials and labor) ($2,500)

Replacement of water main and galvanized plumbing (materials and labor) ($6,800)

27 window units (installation and labor) ($10,710)

Total: $100,000

"There is a crisis in Guatemala - there is no money and no work.​ The Oakland Catholic Worker helped us a lot. We had food and housing, and nothing was lacking.  Being here you can save money because you have no expenses." 

Aracely, OCW '15

​Hometown: Cantinil, Huehuetenango, Guatemala




Number of ESL classes given to the public throughout the year.

"I came to offer a better life to my son, bring him to a safer place, and have better opportunities for his education. The Oakland Catholic Worker has helped give me hope for economic stability in a very difficult moment. It is a help I never thought I would be able to find here." 

We're on a 30-year-old mission.

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Our work revolves around our home. 

Our building project is dedicated to improving the safety and living environment of our guests, staff and volunteers. 


Replacing 3 skylight units (materials only) ($3,000)

Exterior stucco plaster (materials and labor) ($18,000)

2 gas heaters, installation, forced air heating duct work and flues on both floors of house (materials and labor) ($17,000)

Roof replacement (materials and labor) ($7,000)

Replacing electrical wiring in 5 rooms (materials and labor) ($2,400)

​Thermal insulation, building envelope, removal, replacement and finishing, drywall (materials and labor) ($5,000)

​Cost overruns ($10,000)

Martha, OCW '15

​Hometown: San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico



 We give shelter and services to Latin American immigrants.

We provide food to the general community.

With your help, we rebuild. 

Continue our legacy. Join our community.

Celene, OCW '16

​Hometown: Michoacan, Mexico

We base our ministry of service and hospitality on the practice of solidarity with the poor and disenfranchised. 


Average monthly number of individuals receiving food during weekly grocery distribution 

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