Obrero Católico de Oakland

Oakland Catholic Worker

For homeless immigrants, a virus is more than a public health crisis. For many it is an economic disaster that has ended the jobs that gave them a path to self-sufficiency, far from the severe violence, poverty, and oppression they fled in their home countries.

Unemployed and now living in quarantine, the families at the Oakland Catholic Worker are, because of the coronavirus, now totally dependent on us for their food and housing. Compounding this urgent need of our Catholic Worker families are those of our larger East Oakland neighborhood's immigrant and refugee community. Because the Oakland Catholic Worker and our Thursday food line is recognized as a safe place, we face more and more requests for emergency assistance.

This increase in need comes at the same time that the Oakland Catholic Worker, because of the coronavirus, for the foreseeable future no longer has church presentations to provide a large part of our income. We appeal to you now to help us keep our doors open, so that we can continue to welcome migrant and refugee guests. If you can help us, please use the Donate button at the top right of this window, or mail us at the address below.

This crisis reminds us how interconnected we all really are. Your generous contribution to the Oakland Catholic Worker will be a sign to our guests that they are never alone: God is with us.

Special Appeal Due To Coronavirus