Special Skills

Grocery Distribution

If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact us directly at peterbrown.ocw@gmail.com or by phone at (510)-533-7375.

If you'd like to join our staff, download an fill out an application form. We'd love to hear from you!

We have an ongoing need for volunteers  to help with: ongoing

house maintenance, office work,

special construction projects,

website design, child care, and

much more!

ESL Teachers/Coordinators

Recently-arrived migrants are always in need of developing their English skills. If you are bilingual, we can put your language skills to use teaching more than 200 people a year and making their transition into the United States a little easier. 

Hot Meals

We need between 15 and 20 volunteers to help us distribute over 40,000 pounds of groceries every Thursday. Three or Four impactful hours means hundreds of meals for our neighbors. 

Oakland Catholic Worker

Help cook nutritious meals for our neighbors on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 10AM - 2PM. We serve anyone who comes to our door, giving them a take-home plate of food. You'll get your exercise -- our kitchen is upstairs and our front door is downstairs!

Volunteer Needs

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